Explore and Discuss

Meeting with Laure Vermersch during the cinema cycle
UGA Design Factory is an exploration lab open to students, lecturers, researchers, companies, communities, and associations seeking to tackle complex issues by combining design thinking with research and creativity for a changing world.

To achieve these goals, it offers various programmes focused on socio-environmental issues that use creative active learning methods to engage participants.

Lectures and gatherings

  • Faire face, face cinema: this cinema-debate series looks at the scientific and political issues involved in the degradation of our societies and reflects on ways in which they can be addressed.
  • Conf’allant vert: this lecture series focuses on socio-environmental issues presented by speakers and artists.
  • Apér’oZer: gatherings and discussions on entrepreneurship
  • Anthropocene evening event: gatherings aimed at sharing knowledge, visions, experiences around the Anthropocene.


Thematic schools

Workshop with students
Published on  March 14, 2023
Updated on May 2, 2023