Imagine, learn and start your own project related to global transitions

UGA Design Factory is an educational innovation lab run by Université Grenoble Alpes. It is located in the heart of the French Alps, in Grenoble.
The lab’s mission is to develop and integrate new teaching methods within the institution based on creative projects and the theme of major global transitions, with the aim of supporting students as they pursue their entrepreneurial projects.

UGA Design Factory is based on the three pillars: creativity and design, transitions and entrepreneurship.
Students, faculty members, researchers, companies, communities and associations: tackle complex issues by combining design thinking with research and creativity for a changing world.
Lecturers, research professors: learn how to integrate approaches, design innovative teaching methods, and supervise interdisciplinary student projects related to global transitions.
Student entrepreneurs: The Student Centre for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship (PEPITE oZer) offers a space for discovering entrepreneurship, exchanging with others, and starting their own entrepreneurial ventures!
Students: take part in our workshops and challenges, experience news ways of understanding the world, learn to formulate questions and create solutions through prototyping and use scenarios.