The team

Scientific direction

Scientific Direction is composed of one Director for each thematic pole :

  • Valérie Chanal, for creativity and design pole
  • Joël Chevrier, for transitions pole
  • Nadine Guillemot, for students entrepreneurship Pépite oZer

Scientific Direction advises and orientates UGA Design Factory programme on scientific and strategic fields.

Managing direction

Managing Direction is composed of :  

  • Anne Delaballe, Managing Director UGA Design Factory,
  • Pedro Olivas, Deputy Director and Head of Pépite oZer
  • Marielle Thièvenaz, Head of administration and finance

The team

  • Anaïs Allemand, in charge of information and events of Pépite oZer
  • Amélie Bervoets, Administrative assistant, Pépite oZer
  • Christine Bout de l'An, Head of Creativity and Design Pole
  • Nicolas Mutte, In charge of coaching and coordination of entrepreneur students class, Pépite oZer
  • Wahiba Fecherole, Accounting
  • Jean-Luc Finck, Head of Local development Pépite oZer
  • Laura Massinon, Communication and administrative assistant Pépite oZer
  • Marion Majou, In charge of consciousness-raising and events for student entrepreneurship
  • Anne Mazenot, In charge of consciousness-raising and teaching for student entrepreneurship
  • Nadège Micheli, Head of Communication UGA Design Factory
  • Gérard Pollier, Head of Students projects and partners relationships
  • Maguy Salomon-Caplan, In charge of classes and spaces organization
  • Fanny Thirion, In charge of student entrepreneurship coaching and community management, Pépite oZer
Published on  June 7, 2023
Updated on June 8, 2023