UGA Design Factory offers
  • courses on designing creative and environmental educational approaches. This allows lecturers to help students acquire new skills and tools for designing proposals offering an original perspective. These faculty members then form a diverse and dynamic community of trained professionals who discuss their practices.
  • Rooms and spaces specially dedicated to creative methods
  • Loan of teaching materials
UGA Design Factory is an educational innovation lab run by Université Grenoble Alpes. It is located in the heart of the French Alps, in Grenoble.

The lab’s mission is to develop and integrate new teaching methods within the institution based on creative projects and the theme of major global transitions, with the aim of supporting students as they pursue their entrepreneurial projects.

It relies on the following educational principles: project-based learning, interdisciplinary cooperation, creativity and design, systems thinking and learning by doing.

Active learning methods are particularly valuable in light of the current challenges linked to global transitions. These methods engage students by involving their bodies, emotions and collective intelligence.
Published on  November 3, 2021
Updated on May 2, 2023