• tackle complex issues by combining design thinking with research and creativity for a changing world.
  • take part in our workshops and challenges, experience news ways of understanding the world, learn to formulate questions and create solutions through prototyping and use scenarios.

Student entrepreneurs: The Student Centre for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship (PEPITE oZer) offers a space for discovering entrepreneurship, exchanging with others, and starting their own entrepreneurial ventures!

Lectures and gatherings

  • Faire face, face cinema: this cinema-debate series looks at the scientific and political issues involved in the degradation of our societies and reflects on ways in which they can be addressed.
  • Conf’allant vert: this lecture series focuses on socio-environmental issues presented by speakers and artists.
  • Apér’oZer: gatherings and discussions on entrepreneurship
  • Anthropocene evening event: gatherings aimed at sharing knowledge, visions, experiences around the Anthropocene.


Thematic schools

Published on  November 3, 2021
Updated on May 2, 2023